David Tudor’s Rainforest IV

View of the Area10 Installation

View of the Area10 Installation

I’m currently involved putting on a realisation of David Tudor’s “Rainforest IV” at Area10 project space in Peckham. There will be two performances each from 2pm until 11pm on the 3rd and 4th of July.

I’m using an old drum kit as the resonate objects and a large piece of corrugated iron (hanging in the image above). The performance poses quite a few technical (and artists problems not too mention group improvisation)

Tudor has this to say about the piece:

In 1973 I made “Rainforest IV” where the objects that the sounds are sent through are very large so that they have their own presence in space. I mean, they actually sound locally in the space where they are hanging as well as being supplemented by a loudspeaker system. The idea is that if you send sound through materials, the resonant nodes of the materials are released and those can be picked up by contact microphones or phono cartridges and those have a different kind of sound than the object does when you listen to it very close where it’s hanging. It becomes like a reflection and it makes, I thought, quite a harmonious and beautiful atmosphere, because wherever you move in the room, you have reminiscences of something you have heard at some other point in the space. It’s (can be) a large group piece actually, any number of people can participate in it. It’s important that each person makes their own sculpture, decides how to program it, and performs it themselves. Very little instruction is necessary for the piece. I’ve found it to be almost self-teaching because you discover how to program the devices by seeing what they like to accept. Its been a very rewarding type of activity for me. It’s been done by as large a group as 14 people. So that was how our Rainforest was done.”


3rd & 4th of July – from 2pm to 23pm

£10 (online booking http://www.wegottickets.com)

£12 (on the door)

Eagle Wharf
Peckham Hill Street
London – SE15 5JT
(White building behind the Library)

Buses: 12, 36, 37, 63, 78, 436, 345, 177, 312, 343 Train: Peckham Rye Station

See a10lab.info for more information.


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