Arduino and "Realistic" Reverb

My friend Benedict Drew’s career continues apace and in February he presented a solo show at Matt’s Gallery. For the show, “HEADS MAY ROLL”  he wanted a some kind of automated lo-fi effect that would have spoken word audio being processed (Ben has a strong background in experimental music). I produced an Arduino-controlled Realistic Reverb, both lo-fi in its unconvincing “reverb” effect and with a strong sense of lo-fi aesthetics in it’s design. Technically the  Arduino is randomly ramping the delay time up and down courtesy of a digital potentiometer (the code can be found here).

Oscillatorial Binnage performed a short improvised set as part of Resonance104.4fm gala fund-raiser at Cafe Oto, on the 13th. The evening featured an impressive line up, from Yuri Suzuki‘s turntable based electro-sequencer,  Janek Schaefer‘s intimate inaugural appearance and  the award winning Rie Nakajima. A short video of the performance (and indeed the other performance of the evening) can be found below