The Empty Quarter – Desert Sounds

Recordings from The Empty Quarter, some miles south of Abu Dhabi.

Tashkeel Residency Blog

Recording on the dunes. Recording on the dunes.

While Tashkeel was closed for two weeks, guest artists Fari Bradley and Chris Weaver journeyed with Abu Dhabi Art Hub to their dual residency buildings in Liwa, in The Empty Quarter (map at the end of this post). There at dawn and dusk they recorded the sound of compressing, falling sands, the desert wind and isolated water wells on the Emirates/ Saudi border which you can hear below. They visited the residency gallery space and found traces of artists from afar afield as Iran, Bosnia and Serbia in the workshops, where iron and woodwork is a fully supported medium. The tour guide was the director of Abu Dhabi Art Hub who can be seen explaining the significance and nature of The Empty Quarter in the short clips below.

DSC_0054 Sand offers no support for jumping!

DSC_0064 The expansive horizon, a balm to the eye.

DSC_0065 Footprints are the dune’s…

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