Live Performances

Ether SniffingWORM Rotterdam – NL

This concert series featured performers and groups utilising radio in some form. I had recent created a live setup that featured multiple audio routes using radios and FM transmitters (continuing some experiments from the Radio Revolten festival). This live recording is an improvisation using 2xFM transmitters and a matrix mixer.

Solo – Noise=Noise, London, U.K

An early performance using a matrix mixer (favour by Cage collaborator, David Tudor, any input can be freely connect to any output) and homemade amplifiers. Most of the electronics are badly shielded and picked up a large amount of RF interference.

Basics – Goldsmiths EAVI Concert, London – UK

Performance using a very simple setup – drum machine, few modified pedals and a basic looping unit (Akai Headrush). A slowly burning build up focused on the inherent mains hum in the drum machine. A short video of the performance is available on Youtube.

An expanding collection of live performances can be found on


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