Selected Performances and Works

“No Such Object” (with Ed Baxter) – Music for 880 individual portable FM synthesisers, as part of NVA’s Speed of Light, Edinburgh International Festival

“Variations for Rooms and a Tone #1” – Harmonic feedback system for employing architectural acoustics. ”Heat Haze – Radical Sound Practices”, The Woodmill, Neckinger Depot, London

“Rainforest IV” – Group realisation of this seminal piece. Area10 Gallery, Peckham, London.

“Acid Sound track” – Four optically controlled synthesisers used in conjunction with projections by Gustav Metzger “Self-Cancellation”, Beaconsfield Gallery

“Corrosion Suite – Live Realisation” (Concept by Dan Wilson. Performed by Osciallatorial Binnage) – Performance with magnetically resonant metal objects. “The Long Weekend”, Tate Modern.

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