Resonance Radio Orchestra at Stroud


Every year a few creative and unusual people in Stroud put together an arts event, and this year we were lucky enough to be invited.

Aside from our performance of Ed Baxter’s play Attempted Brunch, there was a film screening of Luke Fowler’s the Scratch Orchestra years, and an amazing sounding sculpture installed in the main room on the high street, made up of crystal glasses, pennies and iron marbles, so that when the marbles were dropped through the hole in the ceiling they fell through the sculpture setting it in motion and bringing out various crystal tones.

The play was an improvisation piece under Ed’s parody of mainstream radio plays. Xentos, Fari Bradley, clarinetist Chris Cundey played with me in the the SVA centre for this little festival. The audience were very appreciative, we felt very welcome. Stroud is a great place to visit by the way, with five valleys to explore on every side. Hopefully we will return!


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